December 9, 2013 – The monthly luncheon was held today with 15 classmates and 3 spouses.  The weather kept some of our regulars away with the ice and snow.

Today we donated  a total of $750.00 with $375.00 going to Christ Table and $375.00 to The Animal Shelter, represented by Keely Warden and Jody Murray. Each spoke about their organization and was very grateful to receive the funds.  Our class is very generous and each of you should be very proud.  It is nice to know even when classmates live away, they still get involved and are also a part of our donating to charity. I know I am very proud to be a member of the Class of 1957. We are now on our way again with $15.00 to start the year.

Picture is in the Photo Gallery and the shutter fly account.  Please remember you will not receive notice from the shutter fly account, you just need to go to the site individually.  If, at any time, you would like to receive notification, please let me know.

This month we lost another classmates, Judy Barnes Zinn. Judy passed away on November 30, 2013, at her residence following a sudden illness.  Judy is survived by three sons, C. Alfred (Susan ) Zinn III of Sunbury; Stephen A. (Lora) Zinn of Centerburg and Christopher B. (Amy) of Mt. Perry; grandchildren, Lindsey Billingsley, Jacob Zinn, Matthew Zinn, Katie Schuster, Noah C. Zinn, Caleb Zinn and Joshua Zinn. Our condolences to all of her family and friends.  In looking over the list of classmates, we now have 127 deceased members that we have knowledge of.

Mabel Carrel Dale is recovering from a stroke following her surgery and we sent another card wishing her a speedy recovery.  No word on any other classmate at this time, but if you have anything to share with us, please let me know.

We have an excellent waitress named Angie, who works very hard for us and has served us from the inception of the luncheons. She was presented with a token of our appreciation. Angie is a lovely young lady and we received a delicious box of candy from her.

Everyone received a calendar for 2014, with a reminder of the monthly luncheons.

Pauline Davis led the prayer and a fun time began.  Here’s wishing each and everyone of you, a very MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. Please remember the true meaning of Christmas. It has become so commercialized with all the gift giving, when all we really need is love of God, family and friends.  Back to you in 2014.

November 11, 2013 – Today was a very special time as we honored all our veterans and give them a salute as we met for our monthly luncheon.  We had 18 classmates, 1 teacher (Robert Reed from Hancock) and 3 spouses.  You will find a picture of our veterans in our shutter fly account.  Please remember I am not sending notices from that account and you should just log in to see the pictures posted.

Congratulations to Francis Holzschuher who was elected to the Dresden City Council. Good luck and we know you will do an excellent job for the village.

Earl Miller received a gift and his picture is also in shutter fly.  No explanation is necessary!!!!!

Our Charity Fund reached $750.00 today and the decision was made as to who would receive the funds.  Christ Table and The Animal Shelter will each receive half of the funds at the December luncheon.  A huge thank you to ALL the classmates who have participated in contributing to the fund.  Each of you who were involved should be very proud of your class as this money represents 11 months of donations.

A birthday wish to all our classmates with birthdays in November.  Enjoy and Embrace your day.

Mabel Carrel Dale is recovering from a brain tumor which was successfully removed and no further treatment will be necessary.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

With great sadness that I must report that we have lost another classmate.   Gary A. Bowles passed away on November 2, 2013 at Genesis Hospice – Morrison House.  Gary is survived by his wife, Sandra (Trumpower) Bowles; two sons, Randy (Kelly) Bowles of Enfield, CT, and Scott (Wendy) Bowles of Evansville, IN; six granddaughters, Robyn, Erin, Delaney, Emilee, Ansley and Hailey; two grandsons, Jake and Aaron; three sisters, Letha Nabb and Leah Smith of Zanesville, and Lillian Smith of Mobile, AL; two sisters-in-laws, one brother-in-law and many nieces and nephews.  Gary will be truly missed as he was always involved in our class reunions and participated in all the activities.  He was one of my hula dancers at the 50th reunion.  We are grateful that we were able to see him at the Hog Roast even though his health was poor.  Our condolences to his family and friends.

Connie (Honesty) Watiker gave the benediction and the chatter began.  Please note if you have anything you would like to share with your classmates, let me know.  Have a wonderful Thanksgivings and be thankful for all the blessings in our lives and grateful for each day we have.

October 14, 2013 – The monthly luncheon was held today with 14 classmates and 4 guests. It was a smaller group, but that didn’t take away from the fellowship we shared. We were glad that Jan (Bryan) and Ed Hall were able to join us again.

Our Charity Fund has now reached $687.00 as of today. Discussion was held as to how to distribute the money. Christ Table and The Animal Shelter have been suggested. If any of the classmates would like to make a suggestion, please contact me. The decision will be made at the November luncheon.

I am sorry to report that we have lost another classmate. Kathleen Tipton Gardner passed away on September 11th at Willow Haven Nursing Home under Hospice care. She is survived by her husband, Kenneth W. Gardner, a step son, Kenneth J. (Kay) Gardner, two step grandchildren, Kendra and Eric; a sister, Marilyn Hartman; one niece and one nephew and several great nieces and nephews. We sent her family and friends our sincere condolences.

Our profile for October is John Bamfield, and you can find his information in Past Profiles.

Shirley Holzschuher gave the invocation. Fall is here and before we know it, winter will set in. We will once again wonder where all the time has gone but grateful for every day we have to enjoy all the seasons.   We look forward to seeing more classmates in November.

September 10, 2013 – The monthly luncheon was held today with a good turnout.  We had 23 classmates, 5 spouses and Butch Lacey brought his son and granddaughter for a total of 30 in attendance.  John Bamfield and his wife, Maudean, was in town from Fort Worth, Texas and joined us for the first time.  You will find their picture in our shutterfly account.

The Hog Roast was a success and Kenny Weber did a great job for us.  As many of you know when I posted the 122 pictures to our shutterfly account, members received an email for every post.  I am truly sorry for any inconvenience it caused.  I have now fixed all the members’ file not to receive any and all update notices, so if you want to know what is posted you will have to check it directly or you can let me know and I will put you back in to receive update notices.  This file is an asset to our web site as we are able to display a variety of pictures.

The picture taken at the Hog Roast has had some adjustments with an addition and movement of a few heads to make most classmates visible.  This is all thanks to classmate Roger Penos.   You will notice that our class logo is also now on the picture.  You will recall or this will remind you that Roger did our logo six years ago when we started all the luncheons, etc.  Thank you so much, Roger, especially for all my emails back and forth to get the picture to look so very good.  You’re hired.

Our charity fund is growing with the help of all the classmates who attend the luncheons and to special classmates who live away and are truly a part of the class.  We have received a very generous contribution from Maynard Honesty this month and we thank him so much.  The class of 1957 is extra special and each of us should be proud to be a part of this caring group.  The fund total is now $667.00 with a couple of months left for this year.

We have a lot of birthdays this month and each of you we wish a Happy Birthday.

Marlene Wiseman Jones will have a knee replacement on September 18th.  We ask that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  Jim Martin has had surgery and now back at the luncheons.

Our profile for September is Karen Erickson Freudenreich and you will find it in Past Profiles.

Tom Hall gave the invocation and another get together began.

August 12, 2013 – The monthly luncheon was held today with 19 classmates and 4 spouses in attendance.  Ed Irvin and his wife, Shirley, were in town from Alabama and joined us for the first time.   It is always great to have classmates make time to visit with us.  You will find their picture in the Golden Corral folder.  Nancy Veyon Patterson and her husband, Bob, were also in town from Virginia and joined us.  They also made a very generous contribution to our charity fund and we are truly grateful.  I know I have said this before, but I have to repeat it, our classmates are the best.

JoAnn Longstreth Mount brought in tickets for a 50/50 drawing for a baby that needs special equipment and the class bought one, and if we win the money will go into our charity fund.  Tickets can be bought from JoAnn for $20.00 each and they are only selling 50 tickets.

Our profile for August is Ron Wetherell.  Check it out in the Past Profiles.  Once again, we would like to get more profiles and if you are interested, please let me know.

For all of our Hancock classmates, a little update.  On Saturday, August 10th, a Hancock reunion of all the alumni was held at the VFW and the turnout was overwhelming. They had to turn people away with over 300.  There were a few of our classmates in attendance.  You will find the picture in Special Events. There were two classmates I have to mention as I told them I was going to get even with them for never attending any of our gatherings.  Shame, shame on Bill Bowman and Bob Gladman, I will say no more.  But, come on guys join your high school graduates for a little fellowship.

We have 82 reservations for our Hog Roast scheduled for August 24th.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our annual get together.

The charity fund is growing and we are very grateful for the generosity of our classmates.  The total is presently $400.00.  We hope to add much more at the Hog Roast with the 50/50.

Remember to check out the birthdays for this month in last year’s News.  We wish a Happy Birthday to all the August classmates.

Toby Ruby, who lives in Hawaii, sent me some pictures from grade school and junior high.  She couldn’t remember which schools and wanted the classmates to check them out. The luncheon crowd enjoyed looking them over and trying to figure them out.  Thanks, Toby.

I received a note from Judy Fuller Gibson.  Judy is running for City Council, second ward, in Galion, Ohio.  We wish her much success in her bid for the political life.  She is very dedicated and wants to be part of a government that is more responsive to the people.  Good luck, Judy.

Ron Davis gave the invocation and the fellowship began.  Here’s looking forward to seeing everyone at the Hog Roast.  Be safe.

July 8, 2013 –  The monthly luncheon  was held today with 22 classmates, 4 spouses and 1 daughter.  We enjoy having classmates bring members of their families to share our good times together.  If you haven’t come, give us a try as there are many laughs.

Francis Holzschuher and JoAnn Longstreth Mount are due for surgeries within the next week.  Please keep them in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

Our profile this month is Maynard Honesty.   Please check it out on the Past Profiles.  We would like to continue the profiles but we need your help.   We would like to share your updates and encourage you to send your information.

Our charity fund now stands at $280.31, as a result of the generosity of all the classmates.

The HOG ROAST is approaching very fast and if you are planning on attending, we need your reservations. The deadline is August 1, 2013.  Remember, even if you are not going to attend, please send your form back in so we will know that you are still interested in receiving class information.

Marcia Nethers Imlay gave the invocation and old friends began the conversations.  The old saying “Laughter is the best medicine”, well we should all leave a litter healthier after a few hours together.  Here’s looking forward to next month.

June 10, 2013 – It was a rainy Monday and we were still able to get together 18 classmates and 3 spouses for our monthly luncheon.  Peggy Taylor Smith was in town from North Carolina to walk in the Relay for Life event and joined us today.

We received a nice note from Russell Sibbring’s wife thanking the class for the card we had sent to him.  If anyone would like to send cards to any classmate, I can furnish the mailing address. Today, we sent a card to Pauline Snelling Davis, who has been having some health issues.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Sherrie Supplee Brubaker sent a donation for our charity and we thank her very much for thinking of us even though she is presently unable to attend our get togethers. If any classmate would like to contribute to our fund, please contact Shirley Suttle Bennett.  The fund is now $247.31.

The Hog Roast is approaching and we need your reservations.

We have a new profile this month.  Check it out on the profiles and see what Tim Coffey has been up to.  We would like to have more profiles and if you would like to let your classmates know what you have been up to, please send in your information and it will appear on the web site.

We wish a Happy Birthday to all our June classmates. Check out the list under last year.

Mike Erichsen gave the invocation. We look forward to seeing you next month.

May 13, 2013 – It is like winter again today with the temperature in the “40’s”.  Come on, it is May and we expect a little WARMER weather. We still had 15 classmates and 2 guests.  Tim Coffey is in town for the ZHS Hall of Fame awards and stayed around to attend the luncheon.  Picture is in the photo gallery.  It is always good to see new faces in addition to all of our regulars.

Reservations are slow coming in for the Hog Roast.  We hope to see additional reservations in this coming month.  If you are planning to attend, get your reservation in.  Even if you are not coming, please send your form back so that we know you are interested in the class activities.

We sent a card to Russell Sibbring as he is not well.  If anyone would like to send him a card, please contact me and I will give you his address.

I regret to advise you that classmate, Edward Don Mann, has passed away.  I received a note from his wife that Don passed away March 6, 2012. Please keep his wife, Dorothy, and family in your thoughts and prayers.

Our charity fund is growing each month and our total is now $176.00.  Our classmates are the best.

If you have information that you would like to share, please contact me, as your classmates are interested in hearing about the ones who cannot attend our luncheons, etc.

In the Photo Gallery, you will find a picture of Phyllis (Young) Bradshaw, who recently visited her daughter in China. She is at the Great Wall. Remember to check out the shutterfly pictures.

Eleanor Norris Whitehouse gave the invocation and the chatter began.  Here’s hoping for lots of sunshine and a great beginning to summer.

April 8, 2013 – The monthly luncheon was today with 22 classmates and 5 guests.  Bill Taylor came for the first time today and we were happy to see him. You will find his picture in the photo gallery and on shutterfly.  Thelma Cramer (Roger Cramer’s widow) and daughter were also in attendance.  It was good to see Mary Lou (Fraunfelter) Gantz back after a bad winter with health problems.

Our condolences go to Marcia (Nethers) Imlay for the loss of her husband, Ed Imlay, and to Francis Holzschuher for the loss of his brother.  Please keep them in your prayers.

The reservations are coming in for the Hog Roast.  Keep them coming.  If you are unable to attend this event, we ask that you complete the form with your updated information.  Therefore we will know that you have an interest in continuing to receive class information.

Our charity fund is growing each month with the generosity of your classmates.  As of today we have $152.00.   We are truly blessed with the class of 57 classmates.

In the February issue of the Zanesville Alumni Association, we have an article on our 50th reunion.   You can check it out on their website.

Francis Holzschuher led the prayer and the chatter began.  Have a great SPRING.

March 11, 2013 – The monthly luncheon was held on a rainy day, but that doesn’t keep us from getting together with 19 classmates and 2 spouses.

The summer get together is now set.  We are having a Hog Roast under the direction of classmate, Kenny Weber.  The date is August 24, 2013 at the Knights of Columbus Patio.  The cost is $10.00 per person. You should be receiving the information in the next few days.  If you don’t, please let us know. So mark your calendars and plan on joining us for a fun time.

We lost three classmates in the last month:

Jack C. Baker passed away on February 10, 2013.  He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Valerie (Janes) Baker; daughter, Kimberly (James) Roche of Carmel, Indiana; son, Kevin O. Baker of Heath, Ohio, and granddaughters, Kelsey Scott and Claire Roche.

John R. Watson (Pete) passed away on February 15, 2013.  He is survived by his stepchildren:  Evelyn (James) Laugherty, Robert (Becky) Darnes and William (Kaye) Schneider; sisters-in-law, Karen (Robert) Meier, India (Daniel) Oestriecher, Alma Sellars, and Cheryl Schneider; grandchildren: Jason, Justin, Jeremy, Mason, Madison and Corey; four great grandchildren;  his loving dog, Ginnie;  and numerous nieces and nephews.

Roger Cramer passed away on March 1. 2013. He is survived by his wife, Penny Cramer; three daughters: Sylvia (Myron) Brock; Carmen Hoy and Robin (Greg) Scott; one son: Roger E. (Robin) Cramer ; ten grandchildren and eight great –grandchildren.

Please keep their families and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

Jeanette Hennessy led the invocation. After the meal we had a good time with lots of laughs.  Keeping in mind that laughter is the best medicine for all of us.

February 11, 2013 – The sun was shining and the wind was hurling, but that did not put a damper on the monthly luncheon.  We had a great attendance with 24 classmates and 6 spouses.

The Times Recorder finally published our picture from December when we made the donations.  I was told that they never received it.  Oh, well at least we were finally recognized for our efforts.  The fund is now in progress again and hopefully we will be able to make a generous donation to a charity to be chosen later.

Robert and Eleanor (Dunmire) Jones are celebrating their 55th Wedding Anniversary on February 16th.  Congratulations to a fine couple.

We sent cards to Gary Bowles to let him know we are thinking of him, and to Mary Lou Fraunfelter Gantz, who is recovering from head surgery and broken foot.  Keep them in your prayers.

A pair of Valentine frogs with candy was won by Ron Davis in honor of Valentine’s Day. Picture is in Photo Gallery and on Shutterfly.

Discussion was held regarding our annual picnic.  Kenny Weber has proposed we have a Hog Roast.  It was also suggested we have a Potluck. A vote was taken and we will try to have the Roast.  As soon as more information is available, I will post it and letters will go out.

Vonda Moore passed out information on a MS function which is being held for one of her daughter’s friends.

Vonda gave  the invocation and a good time was held.  Happy Valentine’s Day to each of you.

January 14, 2013 – The monthly luncheon was held today with 22 classmates and 7 guests.  We had one new face when Jack Hardwick decided to join us.  Picture is in Photo Gallery.  Robert Reed, the algebra teacher from Hancock Junior High, joined us for a delightful time. You will find the picture of him along with his former students in our http://www.zhsclassof1957pictures.shutterfly.com  file.  Please check it out.

Phyllis Young Bradshaw, who has moved back to Ohio last month, brought her daughter, Cherie Drumheller, with her today.  My camera wasn’t working and she graciously took the picture of the Hancock group.  Thanks to Phyllis and Cherie for their help today.

Please continue to keep Roger Cramer and Gary Bowles in your thoughts and prayers.

I am no longer posting the birthdays as I have not had any new additions in the past year.  To find the birthdays, go back to last year’s monthly meetings to see them.

We received a very nice thank you from Christ Table for our donation.  The decision was made to continue collecting money each month for a charity to be chosen later in the year.

Joe Kennedy led the invocation and a good time began.  As this year begins, let’s encourage all classmates to join us at monthly luncheons.  If you cannot attend and have information you would like to share with us, please contact me.

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