ZHS 57th & 75th Birthday


July 26, 2014 – Zanesville High School was the setting for a unique celebration for the Class of 1957. It was our 57th reunion and classmates were and are celebrating their 75th birthday. In addition to all the classmates and spouses, we had two teachers, Elizabeth Bonifant Burrier, who is one of our regular attendees, and Wayne Fawcett, who came with Arnold and Marlene Gaspersohn from South Carolina join us.  We had a few cancellations, but ended with 87 in attendance. Great turnout, Friends.

Willa Ruth Deveny and Vonda Moore registered everyone and each received a name tags with the 50th theme.  Pauline Snelling Davis prepared the 57 and 75 posters for the walls. In the program, each classmate received a 1957 penny, compliments of JoAnn Wiles Baker.

Our class picture was taken by Bob Patterson (Nancy Veyon’s husband) and he took the pictures through-out the evening and we thank him for his efforts on our behalf.  If you are interested in one of the pictures, please let me know. I will be posting pictures to our shutter fly account.

Nancy Veyon Patterson prepared gift boxes of spiced pecan decorated with the ZHS blue devil for everyone in attendance.  Thanks, Nancy they were delicious. Judy Pearson Blair donated a set of  Music CDs written by Jim Sayre (class of 1958), including a song “Seniors Again”.  It was won by Joann Evans Premer, who came from Oregon. Thanks, Judy.

Doris Jewett Flynn gave the benediction and a  delicious buffet dinner followed.

Ron Davis gave his time for the 50/50 and it was very successful.  Ben Freudenreich (Karen Erickson’s husband) was the winner and donated his share back, making the total of $250.00 for our charity.  A hat was passed and an additional $102.00 was collected.  We also received a anonymous donations of $50.00, making our total for the night of $402.00.  We now stand at $711.00 for our charity and we are open for any suggestions you would like to make regarding our distribution in December.

Earl Miller gave a talk on “No Nursing Home for Me, I’m checking in at the Holiday Inn”, with a few of his added remarks.  He was very entertaining.  Thank you, Earl.

We were celebrating everyone’s birthday, and there were two birthdays on this day.  Carol Gebhart Filkill and Nancy Veyon Patterson were the birthday girls and got the privilege of cutting our birthday cake as we all joined in singing to ourselves.  We also entertained ourselves with singing the school song.

The entertainment was “Remember Then” a 50/60 band.  All enjoyed their music and there was a lot of dancing out of the classmates as they really got into the sounds of the 50’s.  I realize we are not that OLD at all, as I watched the movements of the classmates.  There are pictures in the shutter fly showing just how much Earl Miller was enjoying himself.

Now it is time thank everyone for all the help in making this celebration a good time.  Our class members are always willing, ready and able to assist in whatever I ask them to do and I truly appreciate each and everyone.  Thank you and look forward to the each event.



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