December 8, 2014 – What a wonderful day for our monthly luncheon with 17 classmates and 4 spouses.  Each of you who have participated in the charity drive should be very proud.

Today, we donated a total of $850.00, with $425.00 each going to The Salvation Army and the South Zanesville Food Pantry.  With this amount,  over the last three years we have now donated $2,300.00 to local charities.  Now that is something to be very proud of.  I know I am proud of each of the classmates who had a part in this great event.

Everyone received a calendar for 2014 with the class picture from the 57/75 reunion and reminder of the monthly luncheons.

We have had the same waitress since we started seven years ago and she is such a sweetheart and works very hard to please each and every one of us at the luncheon.  Today she presented us with a huge box of Cheryl’s Cookies. Yummy.  We also gave her a little extra today to show our appreciation for putting up with us.  After all, at this age we are either too hot, too cold or need more coffee, etc., and she has always been very sweet and gives us her darling smile.

Tom Hall was the only classmate to come to every luncheon in 2014 and was given a stuffed snowman for his efforts.  Joe Burns, Connie Watiker, Phyllis Bradshaw and myself attended 11 meetings. Joe, Connie and Phyllis are in the picture with the presentation of the checks.

Dustin Redmond of Salvation Army gave a summary of the goals for this area.  Jill Crippen of the South Zanesville Food Pantry explained what her organization does for the community and how they obtain the food which is distributed.  Both gave us a real insight of the operations.

Next month I think I will list the birthdays again since it has been a while and most don’t look back over previous years to find them.  Bear with me, I’ll get it together.

Pauline Snelling Davis read a piece on how the poinsettia flower got its beginning and gave the invocation.  May you all have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Hopefully, we will see more of you in the coming year.  God Bless Each of You.

November 10, 2014 – As we gathered together for the monthly luncheon today, we are so thankful to our Veterans, not just today but everyday.  Thank you and Happy Veterans Day to each of you.

We have a change in our distribution of funds which I posted last month.  After Phyllis Bradshaw did the research  on the Wounded Warriors, we found it is an excellent organization, but the funds go to Kansas.  When we started the fund, the decision had been made to donate to local organizations.  A discussion was held and voted on  again and the decision was to give half of the money to Salvation Army and half to South Zanesville Food Pantry.  Our class is so generous and I feel we have done good things for the community.  The distribution this year will be $850.00, not bad for mainly the same classmates donating each month in addition to the classmates who attend the reunion.  Everyone should be very proud.  We will be giving the money next month at the Luncheon.

Doris Jewett Flynn was honored at the Muskingum County Chapter Ohio Genealogical Society at their annual awards banquet held in September.  She received a certificate and pin for her service.  Congratulations, Doris.

We lost another classmate on October 30, 2014.  Edward “Eddie” L. Shultz passed away at the Hospice House in Ashland.  He is survived by his wife, Linda J. Bishop Shultz; a son, Brett Shultz; daughter, Tonya (ken) Fields; three grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; two brothers; five sisters and several nieces and nephews.  Our condolences to his family and friends.

Connie (Honesty) Watiker gave the dedication and we enjoyed just being together.  I wish everyone a very blessed Thanksgiving. Be thankful for your family and friends.  I know I am.  Here’s to next month.

October 13, 2014 – What a beautiful day with the blue sky and sunshine, as 14 classmates and 3 spouses joined together for the monthly luncheon.  Today  Terry Timson, a first timer classmate, join us for lunch and we were delighted to see him.  You will find his picture on our shutter fly account, so check it out.

At the reunion I collected suggestions for the disbursement of the funds we have collected for our annual charities.  As of today, we now have $803.00 to be given out in December.  The suggestions I received included the following:  Salvation Army, Christ Table, Wounded Warriors, American Red Cross, Local Autism, Battered Women’s Shelter, Life Well (Free Store in Putnam), Animal Shelter, East Side, and West Main Street Youth Center.  The vote was taken today and one of the recipients will be the Wounded Warriors as it received overwhelming support for the attending classmates.  We have a tie for the other one with the Salvation Army and Christ Table.  We will decide on it in November.  If you have a preference, please contact me and I will add your name to the vote.

Marcia Nethers Imlay gave the invocation.  Once again, we invite all classmates and guests to join us  on the second Monday of each month at the Golden Corral.

September 8, 2014 – On a clear day the class gathered for another good time.  There were 19 classmates and 6 spouses and guests.  Phyllis (Young) Bradshaw brought her daughter and grandson along today.

Not much news today, except that we wrote a letter to the alumni regarding the handling of the purchase of the tree at the high school.  We have decided that we will have our own dedication at next year’s annual reunion.  We will advise you further on the details closer to the time of the reunion.

Pauline Snelling Davis read a poem regarding Old Age and delighted the classmates with a few chuckles.

The Charity Fund has now risen to $763.00. WOW!  If you would like to give any input as to distribution, please let me know before the November luncheon.  The decision will be made at that time.

Tom Hall gave the benediction and the chatter continued.

August  11, 2014 – There were 17 classmates and 3 spouses in attendance today at the monthly luncheon. Everyone seemed enthusiastic when talking about the 57/75 reunion held in July.  Pictures from the reunion are on our shutter fly account.  If you are not members, join so you can see the pictures, as most will not be on the web site.  The pictures were taken by Nancy Veyon Patterson’s husband, Bob, and he did a great job.  The class picture is also on shutter fly and can be ordered, or you can contact me if you want one.

The charity fund is growing and we still have three months to go.  The total now stands at  $737.00, which means we will top last year’s total.  Our classmates are very generous and caring people.

I took a minute to thank everyone for the kindness to me after the death of my husband, Virgil.  My classmates came to visit, sent cards, called, made donations to his charities, and have been here for me and I am truly thankful for each and everyone of you.

We have lost another classmate.  Arlene Kimble Tenan passed  away on July 28, 2014.  Arlene is survived by her daughters, Cindy Lyons, Candy (Homer) Harrier and Pam (Tommy) Creeks; son Robert Tenan, two sisters, two brothers and several grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Our condolences to her family and friends.

On a sour note, we find that the tree we purchased on behalf of the class after our 55th reunion was planted some time ago and we were never notified.  I went by the school last week after getting inquiries AND FOUND IT.  Our understanding originally was that after each phase of tree planting, there would be a ceremony.  Well, there will be no ceremony and we have never been notified that the tree is there. Our feeling is that if there was an event for the first phase, each one thereafter is entitled to the same recognition as we were informed at the time of purchase.  We should have been notified the change of policy by the committee (which I have been told was never brought to the attention of the officers of the Alumni), or at least we should have been informed that the tree had been planted.  The tree is planted near the top of the road going in to the high school.  We will be planning our OWN ceremony in the near future.

Joy Lee (Shinn) McCallister gave the benediction.  The pictures from the reunion was passed around and we enjoyed Earl Miller’s talent for dancing through-out the book.  Looking forward to next month, and hope to see you there.

JULY 14, 2014 – 21 Classmates and 3 spouses joined together today for the monthly luncheon.  We had a new face today,  Marilyn Daily Shaffer. We were thrilled to have her join us, as we are always pleased to see new faces in addition to all of our faithful attendees.  You will find her picture in our shutter fly account under Monthly Luncheons.  Remember, I am not sending out notifications when I post pictures there, since there was a flood of emails after the Hog Roast.  I learned my lesson from the response I got, Yippee!!!!   You need to check it periodically for new pictures, etc.  I will be posting pictures after the reunion at the end of the month, so check them out.

We received a generous check from Dale Richards, who is unable to attend the reunion this year, for our Charity Fund.  Thanks, Dale, it is really appreciated.  As I have said many times, we DO have the best classmates.

Willits Sawyer, who owns Casamar Suites, a resort in Mexico, cannot attend the reunion but sent a note stating that  anyone who is interested in going to his resort will get a 20% discount on the rate.  If you are interested, please contact him at willsawyer@comcast.net  for more information.

We have 89 reservations for the 57/75 reunion and look forward to being with our friends on July 26th.  Any questions, please give me a call.

Shirley Bennett gave the benediction and the food line formed.  Lots of conversation and chatter followed.  Have a great day and looking forward to a fun evening.

JUNE 9, 2014 – The monthly luncheon was held today with a small group of classmates of 10 and  4 spouses.  It didn’t dampen the spirit of the ones attending as we always enjoy seeing our friends.

I don’t have much news this month as all is fairly quiet for now.  The charity fund now stands at $219.00.

Jim Sayre of the Class of 1958 wrote and recorded a CD called Seniors Again, which he sang at their last reunion. The cost is $10.00 and if anyone is interested in purchasing one, please let me know.

The reservations are a little slow coming in. If you are planning on attending the reunion on July 26th, we need your reservation.  Looking forward to a fun evening, so come join us. 

Mike Erichsen gave the invocation and the chatter began.

MAY 12, 2014 – The monthly luncheon was held today with 16 classmates and 3 guests.  Mary Lou Gantz brought her sister, Carol Tolson, along with her husband  as a guest.  We are always happy to see new faces whether they are classmates or friends.  We have such a devoted group of classmates who put forth every effort to join us.

We lost one classmate, Eleanor Englehart Ingram on April 13, 2014.  She is survived by her husband, Fred Ingram; sons, Indy Ingram of Chillicothe; Scott Ingram of Zanesville; daughter, Cindy (Jeff) Clegg of Zanesville; brother, Jeffery (Ingrid) Englehart; grandchild, Hayley (Quay) Devoll of Zanesville; several nieces and nephews; special friends, Nancy Makin and Lynda King.  Our condolences to her family and friends.

The Charity Fund now stands at $185.00.  We hope to see it increase when we have the reunion in July.  The reservations are coming in slowly and hope to have a really good turn out for this special 57/75 party.

Marlene Wiseman Jones is recovering from a couple of bouts in the hospital this last month.  Remember her in your thoughts and prayers.

Marcia Nethers Imlay read an article about growing old and gave the invocation.  Looking forward to the next get together.

APRIL 14, 2014 – Even with the temperature starting to fall for the upcoming rain and possible snow, we had 17 classmates and  3 spouses and Mary Lou Gantz brought her son, Jeff, for our monthly luncheon today.

I brought the classmates up-to-date on my husband, Virgil, as he is still recovering at the Select Care in Genesis Hospital.  We are in our six weeks since surgery and he is progressing daily.  I thank you for all your concern.  Marlene Wiseman Jones has been in the hospital for 8 days and now back with us.  Joe Burns’ wife, Janet, is having some health issues.  Please keep all of our classmates and spouses who are ill in your prayers.

We have lost another classmate.  Phyllis Brown McQuaid passed  away on March 15, 2014.  She is survived by her children, Douglas (Robin) McQuaid, Jill Beckert and grandson, Nathan Beckert, all of Zanesville.  We send her family our sincere condolences.

The Charity Fund now stands at $135.00.  Thanks to our very generous classmates.

Reservations are a little slow coming in but hope to receive many before the next luncheon.  It now stands at 30 at this time.

Eleanor Norris Whitehouse gave the invocation and the usual chatter began.  Love to each of you and have a good month.

MARCH 10, 2014 – I’m late with the post this month, but my husband (Virgil) has been very ill.  At this time I ask that you keep him your prayers.

The luncheon was held on time and Jeanette Harmon Hennessy took the reins and it went off without a hitch.  Just goes to show what a splendid group we have.  There were 18 classmates and 2 spouses in attendance.

There was not much happening this month so there was little to report, except that the Charity Fund is growing with the addition of $34.00, making the total now $108.00.  The reservations are coming in and we look forward to a great get together in July. If you are planning on attending let us know SOON!

Earl Miller gave the invocation and the fun began. Reservations are coming in and we look forward to a great get together in July.

Remember if you have something to share, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

FEBRUARY 10, 2014 – On a cold winter’s day with the temperature at 16 degrees, 13 classmates and 4 spouses braved the elements and joined together for the monthly luncheon today.

Virginia Reid Stockdale is still waiting to find out when her heart surgery is scheduled.  Francis Holzschuher was having surgery today to put a stent in the kidney.  Please keep both of them in your prayers.

We lost another classmate on January 26, 2014.  Carolyn Rogers Jenkins passed away in Columbus, Ohio, surrounded by her loving family at the Kobacker House.  She is survived by three sons, Michael (Lisha); Roger (Leila) and Scott Norris; five grandsons, three granddaughters and one great-grandson; three sisters, Mary (Willis) Howard, Shirley Turner and Charlene Williams Smith.  Our condolences to her family and friends.

The Class Reunion for this year is now set.  Letters will be going out by the end of the month. This is a big year for us, as the Class of 57 is having its 57th reunion and classmates are turning 75.  So we must celebrate. It is going to be on July 26, 2014, at the ZHS cafetorium. We will have dinner buffet and entertainment by Remember Then (a 50 & 60 Band).  So, mark your calendars and plan on joining your classmates for this special celebration.  With the cost of mailings we are not sending letters to classmates who have never responded to our requests.  If you don’t received a letter and would like to attend, we would sincerely like to see you, so just let us know.

Since Valentine’s Day is Friday, we had a drawing for gifts and Earl Miller and Marlene Wiseman Jones were the winners.  You will find their picture in our shutter fly account., so check it out.

Phyllis Young Bradshaw led the prayer.  HAPPY VALENTINE”S DAY to everyone.  Stay warm, as Spring is coming in about 40 days.

The Charity Fund is growing and we now have $74.00.  Your classmates are very kind and very community minded.

JANUARY13, 2014 – After all the bad weather of the last month, 19 classmates and 4 spouses joined together for the monthly luncheon today.

We received thank you notes from Christ Table and the Animal Shelter for our donations in December. The fund is now started again and we have $40.00.  The classmates think it is a good idea to continue the fund and make an annual donation to an organization to be determined in November.  If any of the classmates, who cannot make the monthly luncheons, would like to contribute, just let me know.  We would like to top the last year’s contribution of $750.00.

The class sent get well cards to Joy Lee Shinn McCallister, who is recovering from receiving a pacemaker last week; Virginia Reid Stockdale, who has a serious heart problem; and Francis Holzschuher, who was undergoing a heart test today.  Please keep them in your prayers.

JoAnn Wiles Baker’s family had a 75th birthday party for her on Sunday and you will find her picture in the shutter fly  account.  Anytime you have something to share with the class, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

The reunion committee will be meeting this month to begin preparations for this summer’s party.  If any of you  have suggestions, etc., that you would like to give, we would be glad to hear from you.

Joe Kennedy led the prayer and a good time was had by all.

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